Terms of Service

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We value the privacy of all individuals who visit our websites. This privacy policy outlines the guidelines and conditions under which we safeguard the privacy of information provided by visitors to websites owned and operated by our company. This policy also outlines our data collection practices and how the information gathered may be utilized. Please note that this policy is subject to change, so we encourage you to check back regularly for updates.

A. Personally-Identifiable Data Collection:

Our software gathers specific data from website visitors only when they choose to provide it. This may occur when visitors request information, make purchases, sign up for services, open customer support inquiries, submit resumes for job opportunities, or send us emails. Some of these activities require visitors to provide information, such as when making purchases, using credit cards for payment, submitting resumes, or requesting specific information. Any personally-identifiable information provided to our software through our websites will be used to fulfill the specific request. Visitors will often have the option to choose whether they want our software to use this information for additional purposes. Our software may also, at its discretion, send bulletins and important information about our services. Without any specific instructions, our software may use the provided information to inform visitors about additional services and products offered by our company, authorized agents, and other service providers with whom we have relationships and whose offerings may be of interest.

The information contained in these materials serves as guidance and should not be construed as a guarantee of financial success. The potential for earning is determined by the individual’s utilization of our product, concepts, methods, and level of dedication. We do not present this as a quick method for wealth accumulation, and we advise against perceiving it as such.

B. Generic Non-Personally Identifiable Information:

In general, Our program automatically collects some basic information. This data does not reveal the identity of our users. It typically includes details about the internet address assigned to your device, the frequency of visits, and the specific pages visited. We collect this data to better understand our customers and improve our website. To do this, we use technologies like ‘cookies’ to customize the user experience. We do not mix this data with any personal information. Users have the option to set their browser to reject cookies and receive notifications when one is sent.

C. Your The Software hosted webpage, server, message boards, discussion platform, External Platforms:

Any information that is shared in a public space, such as a chat room, forum, or website that The Software hosts as part of its services, can be accessed by anyone who visits that space. The Software is not able to guarantee the protection of any information shared in these locations. Furthermore, The Software’s websites may include links to third-party sites that are not affiliated with The Software. The Software cannot ensure the protection of any information shared on these sites and advises users to review the privacy policies of any sites they visit.

D. Exclusions and Restrictions:

While adhering to the above and abiding by all relevant laws, The Software actively collaborates with state, local, and federal authorities in any inquiry related to any content (including personal or private electronic communications transmitted to The Software) or alleged unlawful activities of any Service user, and takes appropriate measures to safeguard its proprietary rights. To fulfill such collaboration and measures and in compliance with applicable laws, The Software may need to reveal personally identifiable information. Moreover, The Software may choose to monitor communication areas of any kind to comply with any law, regulation, or government request; if such disclosure is necessary or appropriate for the operation of The Software; or to protect the rights or property of The Software or others. In the event of a potential sale or transfer of any of its interest in The Software and The Software and other sites owned by the company, The Software reserves the right to transfer your information (including, but not limited to name, address information, and other information you provided to The Software) to a third party specializing in communication products or services; agrees to be The Software’s successor in interest in the maintenance and protection of information collected and maintained by The Software; and agrees to the responsibilities outlined in this policy statement.